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Young Artist Project

Green Pitta is dedicated to converting all artists’ work into clothing and apparel that can showcase their creativity in a unique way, but has a special focus on designing products from the artwork of young and upcoming artists. Whether children and young people are exploring art by painting on a wall, a piece of paper or even concrete on a sidewalk Green Pitta is excited to turn their creations into shirts and clothing that make art wearable!

Children and young artists in art programs across the country are creating the next wave of visual art and winning awards in the process. Is there a better way to print or display their artwork than cleanly printed on t-shirts for family and friends or using their designs to create stylish custom clothing? Green Pitta Printing would like to extend our appreciation to young artists and their families by offering a platform to print, display and sell their artwork on our company website. Contact us at info@greenpitta.com for submissions, questions and details. We have 1 free page posting for artwork available free to display up to 5 of a young artists works. If you choose to print a young artist’s work with us, we offer the ability to sell those products directly on our website.

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